Harmonizing Nature and Architecture at the Inn The Estuary

“There exists another world – a world where man lives in harmony with nature, where architecture rises almost organically from the land and where the line between indoors and outdoors is irrevocably

Outdoor Dog Parks and Pet Services in Nanaimo

In Nanaimo there are many outdoor facilities and pet services with which to pamper your pooch. Below is a list of outdoor dog parks and other pet services in Nanaimo.
Outdoor dog parks
Beban dog park

Summer Celebration: Outdoor Living Trends Part 2

Part 1 of Summer Celebration: Outdoor Living Trends, introduced us to simple, cost-effective ways to enjoy the fresh outdoors! Below is a list of outdoor living trends that require a bit of a bigger budget

Summer Celebration: Affordable Outdoor Living Trends Part 1

After April showers we are always ready to get outside and enjoy the fresh outdoors! If you aren’t the type that looks forward to working in your backyard, enjoying it may still be a relaxing dream for